Usage of the unospection tool


the following Frames are available:

The objects and methods tree

In that tree all the objects and the available methods are shown. Selection of an object or a method shows the properties the object or of the method of that object. Double clicking on a method opens a new window where you can enter the necessary parameters and afterwards can execute that method. The offered symbolic object name can be changed according to your wishes.

The objects list

All existing objects are listed here. Selecting an object the appropriate part of the objects and methods tree and refreshes the properties, methods and parameters tables

The properties table

The last column of that table is editable, changes in that column have side effects directly on the corresponding object. The Refresh-Button above that table refreshes the properties, if they have been modified for example directly within the document.

The methods and parameters table

Doubl clicking on a cell of the tableopens a new window, where you can execute the method after having entered the appropriate parameters.

Entering parameters before calling a method

simple types

These can be entered directly.

structure parameters

These have to be entered using the structure window.

array parameters

These have to be entered using the structure window, below of a Sequence.

The menue

The structure window

That window can be opened using menue "Edit" --> "structures".
In teh left table all structures are liste. Having the right mouse button pressedyou can create a structure below RESULTS using drag and drop and can fill the structur in the popup window.
If you need an array of that structure, you first drag and drop the entry "SEQUENCES" --> "ANY" below RESULTS and then the same with the structure as often as needed below that sequence.

Searching of methods

Using Menue "Edit" --> "Search Methods" a new window is opened with all known object types and their methods. In teh entry field "Search:" you enter the search value and the search is done ignoring case. "Regexp Search" adds a "*" bevor and after the search value. All found methods are shown in the left table.

The Documentation

Using menue "Edit" --> "Documentation" a new window with the documentation is opened.
Within the structures window and the window methods search double clicking on an entry opens the documentation. The Help-Button within the window "execute methods" also shows the documentation.

Saving of the executed methods

The executed methods, the creating of structures and sequences can be saved to a text file. Finishing the tool that can be done again.
tclsh <file>
these commands can be replayed (something like a macro recorder)