You will find the newest versions here:

TCLUNO package (complete) (750 KB) (update 2005-07-12)
TCLUNO package (only .tcl-Files for faster update) (11 KB) (update 2005-08-08)
Documentation (7900 KB) (update 2005-06-09)
TclUno-Interface (350 KB) (update 2005-06-10)
Unospection (13 KB) (update 2005-07-10)
Demo: replace in swriter dokuments (1 KB) (update 2005-07-06)
Demo: conversion tablelist/tktable to scalc document (4 KB) (update 2005-07-08)
Demo: conversion csv file to scalc document incl. graphic (1 KB) (update 2005-07-10)
Demo: text in swriter document incl. numbering (3 KB) (update 2005-07-12)
Demo: text and rectangles in simpress document (1 KB) (update 2005-07-12)

Itcl-classes and appropriate test scripts for scalc and simpress

some convenience procs for the itcl-classes (update 2005-08-08)
base class for SpreadSheet and Presentation (update 2005-08-08)
class for Presentation functionality (update 2005-08-08)
some test cases for the Presentation (update 2005-08-08)
class for SpreadSheet functionality (update 2005-08-08)
some test cases for the SpreadSheet (update 2005-08-08)
some test files needed for the SpreadSheet and Presentation test(update 2005-08-08)